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TRAINSHED is a model railway group based in Bridlington it was founded as BARMATES  in 2007 to promote and generate interest in all aspects of railways. The Society caters for all those who construct layouts and build rolling stock, to those with an interest in full size railways be it photographing or reading or collecting memorabilia, whether it is historical or modern. The Society was rebranded as TRAINSHED-Bridlington Model Railway Group in 2021.If you have an interest in railways and live in the Bridlington area then come along to our meetings.

Bridlington Model Railway Show is back

Saturday 3rd September at Emmanuel Church, Cardigan Road, Bridlington.

Featuring up to 12 layouts . Trade stalls with model railway supplies and collectables.

TRAINSHED is the new name for BARMATES

and we have moved

Our next meeting is at the ERVAS Centre on Marshall Avenue Bridlington.

it is a social evening and it begins a 7pm on the 2nd Aug 2022

A presentation about lost railways of East and North Yorkshire







TRAINSHED members who are interested in modelling come along to  our club room ( locationto be announced) at 7pm on Tuesday evenings. (Some members also attend on Thursdays.) During these sessions members usually work on the club layouts. Currently we are planning to build at new layout in 00 scale.  Some members work on the scenics whilst others work on other jobs such as layoung track or wiring. Everyone helps and learns from each other.

Sometimes we plan our next show or open day and sometimes members help each other out with their own layouts.

The layouts that are being built in the clubroom are for the benefit of members. Some members run their own stock, whilst others use the club stock. The main activity on club nights is construction work. The layouts are usually operated at our shows or open days


TRAINSHED has several experienced modellers amongst its members. Some have exhibited layouts at shows around the country. Some have had layouts featured in national railway magazines.
Some members have come along to learn how to build layouts whilst others have a genuine interest in railways and transport either because they used to work on the railways or they are volunteers for  preserved railways
Other members work on the Society layouts and most of them have layouts at home. Some are in lofts whilst others are in sheds and/or garages.


Once a month on the first Tuesday the Society holds a social evening.  The activities include:- talks, videos, guest speakers, who come along and share their knowledge and experiences with us. The Society also arranges outings to model railway shows and places of railway interest

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