Welcome to BARMATES

BARMATES was formed in 2007 to promote and generate interest in all aspects of railways. The Society caters for all those who construct layouts and build rolling stock, to those with an interest in full size railways be it photographing or reading or collecting memorabelia, whether it is historical or modern. If you have an interest in railways and live in the Bridlington area then come along to our meetings.




 Members who are interested in modelling come along to our clubroom/workshop on Bridlington Railway Station at 7pm on Tuesday evenings. (Some members also attend on Thursday afternoons.

There are, currently three layouts under construction. one in 00 gauge and one in N gauge and another in O gauge.The N gauge layout is being built to exhibition standards and its progress has been seen over the last three years at our annual show. The layout is based on a location in the Peak District.

The 00 layout is currently being built.

The O Gauge layout is the idea  of our menbers  is being and is being partly financed by him and is being built with expertise of other members.

 Social Events

Once a month on the second Tuesday the Society holds a social evening. The event takes place at the Black Lion, High Street, Old Town, Bridlington. The activities include:- talks, videos, guest speakers ,who come along and share their knowledge and experiences with us. The Society also arranges outings to model railway shows and places of railway interest.

The picture on the left by kind permission of Allen Ferguson


 BARMATES has several experienced modellers amongst its members. Some have exhibited layouts at shows around the country. Some have had layouts featured in national railway magazines.
Some members have come along to learn how to build layouts whilst others have a genuine interest in railways and transport either because they used to work on the railways or they are volunteers for  preserved railways
Other members work on the Society layouts and most of them have layouts at home. Some are in lofts whilst others are in sheds and/or garages
Pictured below are two layouts belonging to Society members.
The picture on the left shows Loch Oran an N Gauge layout which was featured in the Dec 2009 edition of Railway Modeller.
The right hand picture shows a Jubilee class locomotive hauling a train through Millersdale Station on the Society's N gauge layout